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This is a massive multiplayer game project featuring alternative world full of intolerance and fighting.

Story background

It was a beautiful spring evening. Bird were singing, flowers blooming and people fighting. When suddenly sky was pierced by bright red line of light. Just like the bar-code scanner but it wasn't bar-code that was scanned that evening. It was the whole planet. All the bird, all the flowers, all the hatred. And it was the hatred that caught the aliens attention.

It caught their attention in such way that they decided to run an experiment. They will build their own copy of our word but thy will remove all of the restrictions on violence, hatred and bigotry and amplify them. As interstellar species, the aliens were clever enough to use original names in their word to avoid any copyrights and legal issues (like United Stables of Emerica, Europe Confederation, Pussia (with fighting cat on red background, of course), and so on).


User will be presented with the globe map (preferably with modified borders and landscape in such way that they will not be corresponding with real word but the inspiration will be obvious). Then user will have option to select his point of origin (Poo) and race, religion and philosophy.

When user selects Poo he can either accept majority from surrounding area or can modify/define his own parameters to his liking.


User will have a wide variety of options from skin color, eye color, hair color to fullness of lips. (Including non-realistic variants like green skin, etc. )\ Race will be unchangeable except some external parameters like hair style, tattoos, …


User may choose preexisting religion or create their own - every religion must hate at least two other religions and be tied to race feature or geographical place.


This will let the player choose from standard philosophies like anarchism, socialism, feudalism, democracy also “democracy”(It's the idea that counts isn't it?) and so on.


The globe map should be full of flashing borders where user can send his troops. At the start (or restart) user will get fixed amount of resources that can be used to train or transport batches of soldiers to the common fight. Fighting on borders will be represented by total numbers of soldiers on both sides dynamically dropping and moving borders by the winning side. Soldiers can travel only through allied land.

Participating in fight will give player new resource points (RP) (according to how much his side is winning, of course). Number of resource point can be also used in modifying region parameters, like permitted religions or changing voting system.

Nation/Country/… will be presented with heatmap of consensus. User present in incompatible area will be periodically loosing RP. User may change his location at some resource point cost to be in more compatible area but his Poo will state the same (as some nations may restrict users based on Poo). (If needed) Large nations will be complimented by bots supporting extremism and driving nation to civil war and splitting it to multiple parts.


Units send to attack border will advance/move back with border until user recalls them or its numbers are depleted (this shouldn't happen often as units should be dying per total percentage).

When moving border will move across training camp - soldiers will join defense of the border (with combat readiness penalty) and will defend it until depleted or until border advances back to enemy territory. (Units will stay on the new position where they were pushed.)


Creating a nation

Every user may write manifestos and sign under manifestos of others. Manifesto with enough signatures will became movement. Players may contribute soldiers to the movement. Movements will have their own area of influence and will start fighting with any incompatible units.

Large movements may declare independence and become nation.


Depending on political system some/all members of the nation may propose legal changes which will be decided according to nations political system.

All nations may be changed by semi/i-legal methods backed by enough resources.


Concept reviews

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